Saturday, January 11, 2014

weblogic server installation -- Step by Step

The purpose of this article is how to install a 64-bit version of the Oracle Fusion Middleware / Weblogic Server 11g on a 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows Server operating systems. This will help us to get this going as quickly as possible to support SOA or WebCenter installation development.
  1. Download software from OTN
  1. You can Install Weblogic server by double clicking or open cmd console and type Java –jar  filexxxxx. Jar
  1. After extracting 100% below wizard will be shown, click Next to proceeds.  
  1. Create a new Middleware Home, to install the software (all  files will be copied at this location)
  1. Skip the Security Updates by unchecking checkbox.
  1. Click “Yes” and “Next” for bypass Security Updates.
  1. Choose Install Type as Typical for weblogic and coherence and click Next.
  1. Select the JDK from the local system.
  1. Once Jdk is selected, click “Next”.
  1. Check the Product Installation Directories and click “Next”.
  1. This wizard will show a Summary of Installation, observation and click “Next”.
  1. The wizard will show the process of installation,
  1. On Completion of Installation uncheck “Run Quickstart” and Click Done,
  1. Close the CMD, That’s it Weblogic server installation done, next step is create Domain

Happy Learning…..

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