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Integrating Oracle BAM with External Data Source

           An External Data Source (EDS) is a connection to an external database. An EDS usually contains data that does not change very much or data that is too large to bring into the Oracle BAM Active Data Cache (ADC).

The EDS definition in Oracle BAM acts as a pointer to the external data. For example, looking up the customer name based on a customer code in a customer management system. The customer name-code mapping is fairly static so that bringing that external data into Oracle BAM is not required.
EDS definitions can be exported and imported using ICommand, but you cannot import or edit the contents using ICommand or Oracle BAM Architect.
Passwords are entered in clear text. You cannot use DSNs (data source names).
To view the existing EDS:
In this I have used some example table from my local database.You can any sample table from you are database.
  • Select External Data Sources from the Oracle BAM Architect function list.

Creating External Data Sources

Oracle BAM external data sources are created, edited, and deleted using Oracle BAM Architect.
  1. Open OracleBAM console  using  IE(Internet explorer) ,example http://localhost:9001/oracleBAM
  2. Enter Credentials of Oracle BAM Server
User name as webloigc (or match with your server configuration)
Password as welcome1 (or match with your server configuration)

  1. After successfully logged in below BAM server start page.

  1. Click on  Architect  button from OracleBAM server Start page, it navigates to  Architect home page.

  1. Select External Data Sources from the Oracle BAM Architect function list.

  1. Click Create for creating External Data Source.

  1. It will show the Creating new External Data Source of type JDBC, Enter a name and a description for the EDS.

Note: Here creating EDS from use case of PO processing application, so take CreditCardInfo database table from soademo schema.  

  • Write some description (optional)
  • Driver: leave as default. (Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver for Oracle)
  • Enter database user credentials in the Login and Password fields, here soademo/soademo for CreditCardInfo table.
  • Enter Connection string/URL, (jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE)

  1. Once you fill all the details of EDS click on test for EDS. If it successful you will get below popup.

  1. Click ok to confirm, then click Create button to create EDS and Click Continue to confirm.   

  1. Once creating of EDS is completed the page should like been displayed.     

  1. You can edit, delete or test EDS using Edit, Delete link.

Create a Data Object using the EDS

Creating a Data Object using out of EDS (which you created previously BAM_PO_CCINFO_EDS)

  1. Select Data Objects from the Oracle BAM Architect function list.

  1. Click Create Data Object.

  1. Once click on create Data Object you will be able to see fallowing page to creating Data object.

  1. Enter CreditCardInfo in the Name for new Data Object field.

  1. Leave the slash (/) in the Location for new Data Object field.
The data object appears in the top level Data Objects folder.

  1. Leave the Tip text field blank.

  1. Enter “Oracle Database Sample CreditCardInfo Table” in the Description field.

  1. Select the External Data Source checkbox.

  1. Select BAM_PO_CCINFO_EDS from the External Data Source list.

  1. Select CREDITCARDINFO in the External Table Name field.

  1. Fields in Data Objects: click on Add all  fields link to add all fields from the table
You can add or remove Fields using Add a field and remove links.

  1. One you added all the fields the Data Object will looking like as below.

   Keep default settings for field attributes.

  1. Click Create Data Object.

  1. Click Continue.

  1. Click Contents to view the contents of the data object.

  1. Once you click on Contents it will show data from EDS.

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